7 Best Inverter AC In Pakistan 2022 (Updated Price)

Do you want to buy an inverter AC but don’t know which is the Best Inverter AC In Pakistan?

This post is all about inverter ACs.

After reading this post, you will surely know which AC you should buy in 2022.

Best Inverter AC In Pakistan 

Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood Inverter AC

The best inverter ac in Pakistan is the Kenwood E-smart plus inverter AC. Specifically, the model is KES-1838S. The ac has tonnes of great features, and the Price to performance ratio is excellent.

Kenwood Inverter AC Features:

Here are the features that make it the best inverter ac in Pakistan.

T3 Compressor: This compressor is the best you can find in the market. It is the latest and provides cooling at high temperatures. The T3 compressor can easily handle the temperature of 63 Celcius. 

If you live in Karachi, Lahore, or even in the Thar desert, the Kenwood AC can perform efficiently. 

Smart Control: The Kenwood ac can also be controlled using a smartphone with AC Freedom App. It is by far the best feature, and the remote of AC is digitally pictured on the App.

With the AC Freedom app, you can perform the following tasks

  • Change AC temperature
  • Check room temperature
  • Change AC Mode (5 Modes)
  • Control fan speed (6 Modes)
  • Adjust airflow (2 Modes)
  • Turn on/off the display on AC
  •  Activate Health mode, which removes bacteria and purifies the air.
  • Set a timer when you want to turn on/off the inverter AC automatically.
  • Activate ECO mode.
  • Adjust sleep cure.
  • Limit power consumption; you can control the power used by the ac. 

Warranty: The ac comes with five years compressor warranty, which is good. Compared to other brands, this is low. 

There is no need for a Stabilizer: In Pakistan, there is a lot of electricity fluctuation, for this stabilizer is recommended. As for the Kenwood ac, you don’t need a stabilizer; the ac has one built-in.

Great EER Rating: The EER rating shows how much your ac is energy efficient. In the best-case scenario, the number lies between 3.0-4.0. As for the Kenwood inverter ac, it has an EER rating of 4.0. This makes it 75% energy efficient.  


  • Best quality compressor
  • Excellently designed smartphone application
  • 4D airflow, best for large rooms.
  • Extremely silent.


  • Expensive
  • Only available in white color
  • Low-quality Remote controller.

Gree Inverter AC

Gree Inverter AC

Gree is a popular brand when it comes to inverter AC. It is also among the best AC brands in Pakistan. The model I have selected here is the Gree GS-18FITH6C which the best in Pakistan. It is included in the premium series of Gree, knows as the Fairy series; the features and the Price makes it a great choice.

The AC comes in three different colors: Grey, Silver, and Champagne. This is a 1.5 Ton inverter AC and suitable for large rooms. It also has a faster cooling system which is capable of cooling a room within few minutes.

Gree Inverter AC Features:

Here are the features of Gree inverter AC.

Curved Design: When it comes to design, the Gree is designed beautifully. The curved front look, flat color design makes it looks good on the wall.

Heat and Cool: The Gree ac includes both Heat and Cool. Although all the inverter AC mentioned here have these features, Gree is one step ahead.

Wifi App: Gree AC also comes with a wifi app, which you can download from the play store or Apple store. The setup is simple, and it has all the features of a smart AC.

The features I have mentioned above in Kenwood smart app, Gree also provides those features.

Child Lock: If you have got a child and plays with the remote, you can put the ac on child lock mode, and it will freeze the controls. 

Fireproof PCB: This feature also makes the Gree a great choice. This feature saves the AC in case of fire in the home. Your AC will get damaged externally, but the PCB components and the core of the AC will be fine.

Energy-efficient: The Gree inverter ac is energy-efficient. According to Gree, the GS-18FITH6 model is 60% energy efficient. This is good if you want to save on electricity bills.

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  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Energy Efficient, you can save up to 60% electricity. 
  • Good SEER rating


  • Only 3-year compressor warranty.

Haier Inverter AC

Haier Inverter AC

The Haier inverter ac is a great choice if you are looking for ac with great cooling features and environmental controls. The ac is equipped with many features that make it stand alone. Features like self-cleaning, able to run on a UPS are prominent.

It is not a cheap ac. The Hair inverter AC price in Pakistan is 125,000 for a 1.5-ton variant. I would recommend buying the 1.5 tons because, in the long run, it will be economically better than the 1 ton.

Haier Inverter AC Features:

Here is the list of hair inverter ac.

Self Cleaning: A few self-cleaning inverter ACs available in the market, and for those who have this feature, the quality is not great. But, as in the case of Haier, it just took self-cleaning to the next level.

The Haier inverter ac uses the cold expansion technology, which freezes the surface, and when it defrosts, the bacteria and dirt particles are removed with it. 

Air Purification: Haier is the best when it comes to air purification. Now they have included this feature in the inverter AC. Air purification removes bacteria from the air and provides fresh air. It is best for those who have asthma and breath issues. 

They have also included a Super IFD filter in this model, which is a superb addition. The IFD filter changes the moisture level in airflow. This is helpful in both Monsoon and Autumn seasons.  

It can run on UPS: The Haier invert AC can run on UPS as well. In Pakistan, there is a problem of load shedding, and here this feature comes in handy.

For AC to run on UPS, you will require a minimum of 100 watts UPS because the AC requires input power of 600 watts, with a current rating of around 2.0 Amps. You will also have to buy a separate UPS integration device to connect UPS with Haier invert AC.

Wifi App Control: Just like Gree and Kenwood, Haier also has Wifi App. The features are the same, and you ou have full control over AC: On/off, fan speed, mode, timer, etc. 


  • Beautiful design
  • One tap Self-cleaning operation
  • It can easily run on UPS
  • Low Power consumption
  • Very helpful super IFD filter and air purification system


  • Expensive 
  • Same old outdoor unit design.

Orient Inverter AC

Orient Inverter AC

Orient Inverter AC is a hige. It is 1.1 in size compared to the 1 meter you see in the market. There is a lot of features common in Orient Inverter AC and the Haier. The Haier ac is a little bit expensive than Orient. Both Haier and Orient are neck to neck in features. 

Some features are better in Orient, and some are better in Haier. And it all comes down to Price. Although the Orient AC is cheaper, I would recommend you buy Haier; if you cannot afford it, then without blinking, go for the Orient.

Orient Inverter AC Features:

Here are some of the best features of Orient inverter AC.

Gold Fin Condenser: The Orient uses the gold fin compressor, this is to prevent rust. Although every compressor mentioned here has a gold fin, most of the manufacturers don’t mention it.

Low Voltage Operation: The Orient inverter AC can run on low voltage, as low as 150 V. In Pakistan, the voltage range from 22- 240 Volts. When the electricity is low, the voltages can drop to 150 volts. This feature comes in handy when the electricity is dim, as it continues its normal operation.

Auto Turn Off: In DC inverter AC the auto turn off feature is the one that makes them stand out from traditional AC. When the optimum temperature is reached, the inverter AC automatically turns off, saving electricity.

Energy Saving: The energy-saving feature of the Orient AC is extraordinary. The company claims that the ac will save 80% energy. This is a great feature, as electricity is getting expensive.

Smart Cleaning: Just like the Haier inverter AC the Orient also has a smart cleaning system. This prevents dust and bacteria from growing on the grills. 

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Wifi App: The Wifi app is among the best apps designed. It is designed professionally and provides details of each and everything of AC.

You can control the AC temperature, etc. You can see how much power the AC is consuming, the current, and the voltage. In the report’s sections, you can check the detailed view of power consumption. At last, the health section shows the status of different AC components, like Evaporator, Fan, Compressor, condenser, etc. are working fine or not.

Warranty: Orient provides ten years compressor warranty and a 1-year parts replacement warranty. This is good because most companies only provide a 5-year warranty.


  • Very useful Wifi App
  • Large in size
  • Cheap compared to Haier and Kenwood.
  • 10 Years compressor warranty
  • It can work on low voltage
  • Long-distance airflow, great for large rooms


  • Only available in white color
  • You have to drain it yourself

Dawlance Inverter AC

Dawlance Inverter AC

When it comes to electronics, Dawlance is among the best brands in Pakistan. The brand sells everything from refrigerators to AC to kitchen appliances. The Dawlance Inverter AC is also among the list of the best inverter AC in Pakistan.

The Dawlance Inverter AC comes with a T3 compressor, which can run even up to 63 Celcius. In addition, the gold fin compressor makes the AC rustproof and long-lasting.

Dawlance Inverter AC Features:

Here are some of the outstanding features of Dawlance Inverter AC

Cool and Heat Mode: The AC comes with both heat/cool features, making it suitable to use in summer and winter. This feature is very helpful when you want to get up early in winter. Just set a timer, and the AC will turn on automatically.

Auto Restart: The auto-restart is the best feature of AC. Just set a timer, and AC will turn on/off automatically.

EER Rating: The EER rating of Dawlance Inverter AC is 3.01. This is not a great number compared to other brands, like the Kenwood Inverter AC, an EER of 4.0. However, the rating tells how cost-efficient the AC is. 

Price: The AC lies a little bit above the sweet spot. The Dawlance Inverter AC Mega T3 price in Pakistan is 97,500. It is 5,000 less than the Gree Fairy Series Ainverter AC, but the EER rating is low, making it not cost-efficient as the Gree in the long term.

High Air Flow: The AC has an airflow rate of 1000 meters cuber per hour. This is a huge number. Compared to another inverter AC in the market, the Dawlance Inverter AC can throw more airflow, thus fast cooling.

Silence: As the flow rate is high, silence is compromised. It is not a quiet AC. But if you are looking for an AC which can cool down a room within few minutes, Dawlance Inverter AC is the way to go.


  • Inexpensive
  • High airflow rate
  • Auto hygiene feature to remove bacteria
  • Gold condenser fin makes it rustproof
  • Self-cleaning prevents dust from accumulating on the filter.
  • Fireproof PCB.


  • Not a silent inverter AC
  • EER rating is low.
  • Not sure if Dawlance has a dedicated Wifi app for inverter AC.

Samsung Inverter AC

Samsung Inverter AC

When it comes to premium electronics, only one brand comes to mind, Samsung. Samsung is among the best electronics brands in the World. As for Pakistan, Samsung has not penetrated deep into the market. As people are Price sensitive, and Samsung products are expensive and premium.

The Samsung WindFreeInverter AC is among the best inverter AC in the World. The model I have selected here is the Samsung WindFree AR9500T. It is a great AC, features, and IoT Samsung provided in this AC makes it a perfect choice for IoT lovers.

Samsung Inverter AC Features:

Here are the best features of the Samsung Inverter AC.

Smart AC: The Samsung Inverter AC is a smart AC. It can be controlled from anywhere in the World through App. 

Most of the AC apps work only on Wifi when your AC and smartphone are connected to the same Wifi. But for Samsung, it does not apply.

Silence: The AC is very silent even at its peak performance. Who likes to hear noise when they are taking a rest.  

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Self-cleaning: The self-cleaning feature is getting common in inverter AC. The Samsung Inverter AC also has this feature. It can clean itself automatically. When the AC is turned off, it activates the auto-clean function, which checks the temperature and humidity level and blows air accordingly.

You just have to clean the anti-bacterial filter after few weeks. It is also easy to wash. Just taken off the filter and wash it with water. 

Environment-friendly Refrigerant: As the appliances are getting environmentally friendly and features are being added to reduce harm. The Samsung Inverter AC comes with an R32 refrigerant which is great for climate protection.

The gases in the refrigerant harm the ozone layer, thus increasing global warming. Compared to refrigerants like R410A, the R32 is far environmentally friendly. 

Energy-efficient: The AC is also energy efficient. The ECO mode saves both electricity and money. The Samsung WindFree Inverter AC can save up to 77% energy, which makes it the best choice for long-term use.

EER Rating: The EER rating is also very high. The AC has a 3.45 EER rating. This Is very high compared to other brands mentioned in this post.


  • Best smart AC controls
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant
  • You can save 77% energy and reduce electricity bill
  • High EER rating.
  • Best Artificial intelligence provides you with the best experience.


  • Availability is an issue
  • Premium product, high priced.
  • The design is not great.

Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic is a well-known brand in the World. When it comes to Ac, Panasonic is the biggest player. For more than 60 years, Panasonic is selling AC.

The Panasonic Inverter AC mentioned here is among the best inverter AC in Pakistan. The model is Panasonic CS-UE18WKF. The Price and feature are the reasons why it is said to be the best ac of Japan.

Panasonic Inverter AC Features:

Here are the features that make Panasonic Inverter AC est AC of japan.

Low voltage operation: In Pakistan, voltage regulation is an issue. For this, the Panasonic Inverter AC is a good choice. It can run on low voltage as low as 150V. This feature is also handy when you want to run the AC on an inverter or generator.

The current consumption is also very low as 1.5A. The AC increases the current usage exponentially, which makes it the perfect choice for UPS.

Fireproof Control Box: The fireproof control box is another feature that makes it one of the best. In case of any short circuit or fire, the control box, which is the core of AC, will be safe. 

Energy-saving refrigerant: The Panasonic Inverter AC comes with an R410A refrigerant which is ECO friendly. You can save energy and electricity bills if you use it on the ECO mode.

Shower cooling: The shower cooling feature is one of a kind. The AC throws the air straight; cold air moves down while hot air moves up. In this way, the room gets coll down within few minutes.

Rust-free grills: The gold fin grills are a common feature in inverter AC. The Panasonic Inverter AC also like this as well as copper pipes. This makes it rustproof, thus increasing the life of AC.

Micron Dust filter: Micron dust filter is the best feature for Pakistan. As in Pakistan, there is a lot of dust, which results in breathing problems and Asthama. The Panasonic Inverter AC has a micron dust filter which filters dust particles and pleasants the environment.


  • Low voltage and current operation make it suitable to run on UPS, solar, and generator.
  • 4-way swing helps the air to flow all around.
  • Micron dust filter removes dust from the room.
  • You will get free delivery if you order online.
  • It can operate at an outdoor temperature of -15 to 60°C.
  • Good looking design.


  • Unable to find Wifi app for the AC
  • Only available in white color.
  • The Remote is outdated.


I hope so that now you can choose the best inverter ac in Pakistan.

If this post has helped you, then mention which AC you arousing right now.

Thank you.

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