Pak Army Academic Test Physics: Online Preparation 2021

Do you want to qualify for the Pak Army Academic Test Physics portion?

If yes, then this test will surely help you out.

The test is designed according to the syllabus of Pak Army, Pak Airforce, and Pak Navy. The MCQs in this test are among some of the most repeated MCQs in forces initial academic test.

Do also take Pak Army Academic Test Maths, and General Knowledge Test to increase your chances of appearing in the Physical Test.

By taking this test you will surely have some good in-depth knowledge of the initial test. The test will also help you understand the difficulty level and the concept of MCQs.

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1. ——-molecules have greater distance?


2. The centrifugal force is inversely proportional to——?


3. A pencil is an example of——-equilibrium?


4. If a 100 kg weight is thrown in upward direction then on coming downside its weight will ——?


5. Which lense is used in camera?


6. In refrigerator—-gas is used?


7. P-type materials contain———–?


8. The ratio of force and weight is called—–?


9. The unit of stress is ——?


10. In air velocity of sound is——?


11.  If the distance of one body from another body will be twice the force of gravitation will be———?


12. Hydrogen has ——isotopes?


13. The density of the body is increased by——–?


14. The pitch depends upon——?


15. If a body is dropped from———it meets the ground after 3sec?


16. When a bus suddenly stop due to—-man receives an impulse in forward direction?


17. The light reaches on earth from sun through—-?


18. In parallel circuit resistances——–?


19. Total internal reflection takes place when——?


20. The centripetal force of a body in a circle is increased by———?


21.  Transistor consists on——-junction?


22. The work of a body is equal to the product of—–?


23. The ratio of output and input is called——–?


24. The rainbow is a result of—-?


25. Time period of simple pendulum increases by increasing—–?


26. Density of water is max at——?


27. Sl system unit of power is———-?


28. The turning effect of a body is called———-?


29. The relationship between stress and strain is called—law?


30. The value of g is—————?


31. The density of water is minimum at——-?


32. The work done due to motion of body is called—-?


33. In a reflection ray angle of incidence is——–to the angle of reflection?


34. The laser is a ——– part of physics?


35. N type materials consists of———?


36. Which colour is not in rainbow?


37. The unit of work is same as the unit of—-is?


38. One horse power=—–?


39. Velocity is the —– quantity?


40. ———is a sensitive instrument which represents the presence of current?


41. Displacement is the ——quantity?


42. Newton’s second law of motion is also called:


43. First law of thermodynamics is merely a statement of law of conservation of:


44. Absolute zero is considered as that temperature at which:


45. Magnetic lines of force:


46. Force is a:


47. A _______ lens is used in the apparatus to get Newton’s ring.


48. The positions of two airplanes at any instant are at A (2, 3, 4) and B (5, 6, 7) from the origin in km. Find the distance between two airplanes.


49. Michael Faraday is known for his work on:


50. In order to check the correctness of an equation, we are to show that _____ of the quantities on _____ side/sides of the equation are ______.


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Pak Army Academic Test Physics Syllabus

The Physics portion of the initial test is based on an intermediate course. This includes both 1st year and 2nd-year Physics courses.

Here are some of the most important topics in the Pak Army Initial Academics portion of Physics 

  • Current and Electricity 
  • Electromagnetism 
  • Vectors 
  • Motion and Force 
  • Work and Energy 
  • Circuits 
  • Modern Physics 
  • Nuclear Physics
  • SI Units, etc

The topics mentioned above are very important. Keep in mind the initial test is designed to test your basic knowledge of the academic tests.

You don’t have to be a genius to qualify, just focus on basic concepts and understanding is the key to success.

Pak Army Academic Test Physics 1

If you want to solve most of the Physics MCQs then you must know the formula of basic quantities.

This includes Force, Work, Newton Law’s, Centripetal Force, Gravitational force, Projectile, etc. Here is the best example where the basic Physic formula is used.

Pak Army Academic Test Physics 2

MCQs related to this are mentioned in the Quiz. Practice as much as you can to increases your chance of appearing in the Physical test.

How can I get selected in Pakistan Army?

To get selected in Pak Army, you can apply for Pakistan Army after matric and FSc. After matric, you can apply for a soldier, and you can join after FSc as a commissioned officer.

The first step is to apply online through the Pak Army official website. Then, fill the form, and within few days, you will get the test details.

The first test is the computerized-based test. The test includes intelligence and academic test. After that, you have to appear for the physical test. Next comes the medical test, and if you have made it through, then finally comes the interview.

After clearing the interview, you will get the ISSB forms, and after the submission, you will be provided the ISSB details. The ISSB test is a 4-day test, and after you are recommended from the ISSB, you can join PMA.

In this way, you can join Pak Army. Although the procedure is long and tiresome, it is worth it.

What is a screening test in Pak Army?

The screening test is conducted in ISSB. The test constitutes of intelligence test.

The test is based on mechanical problems. This is to test the daily life problems, and how you interact with your surroundings, you are a smart worker, and how you think.

How many tests are there in PMA?

The PMA test is basically of two types. The intelligence test and the academics test. These are conducted on the computer and are the first test to be conducted if you want to become a PMA cadet.

Good Luck

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