Pak Army Academic Test: Online Test Preparation 2021

Do you want to qualify for the Pak Army Academic Test?

If yes, then on this page you will find everything related to the Academic Test. If you want to practice the Pak Army intelligence test, then head over here to Pak Army Intelligence Test Section.

Pak Army Academic Test Syllabus:

Before starting your preparation you must know the syllabus of the Pak Army Initial Test.

As there are many ways to join Pak Army. After and before graduation. So I will mention the academic test of all courses.

So before starting your preparation note for which course you are applying.

For PMA Long Course:

For PMA Long Course the syllabus is simple. You can join Pak Army after intermediate by applying for PMA Long Course.

Here is the Pak Army Academic Test for PMA Long Course

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamic Studies

The academic test will mostly base on Physics and Mathematics, as for the remaining subjects there are few questions. 

If you are thinking of skipping any of these subjects then you might be in trouble. The questions are not difficult. The Pak Army Academic Test focuses on the basics of each subject. If you have a basic understanding then you can easily qualify.

Pak Army Academic Tests

50 MCQs Related 

  • Current and Electricity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Vectors
  • Motion and Force
  • Work and Energy
  • Circuits
  • Modern Physics
  • Nuclear Physics

50 MCQs Related 

  • Basic Mathematics
  • HSSC Mathematics
  • Vectors
  • Geometry
  • Equalities
  • Functions

44 MCQs Related 

  • Pakistan Studies
  • World
  • International Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Geography
  • Capitals
  • Mountains, Rivers, Seas, and Oceans
  • News Agencies
  • Important Days of Pakistan and of World
  • Longest, Largest, Smallest, etc

For Direct Short Service Commission:

You can join Pak Army as a Captian through Direct Short Service Commission(DSSC). There are many corps you can join here is the list.

  • Army Education Corps
  • Financial Management Stream Officers (Male)
  • Law Officers (Male) 
  • Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms Officer 
  • Psychologist

Here is the Pak Army Academic Test Syllabus for DSSC.

  1. Army Education Corps

Qualification: MA/MSc/BS (4 years) in Physics, Maths, Pak Studies, English, Political Science, History, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Geography, Internation Relations(IR) 

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Financial Management Stream Officers (Male)

Qualification: MBA/MS in Finance (18 Years Education), MS Economics (18 Years Education) 

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Law Officers (Male) 

Qualification: LLB

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms Officer 

Qualification: DVM or Equivalent degree registered with PVMC, MSc (Hons) / MPhil will be given preference 

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Psychologist

Qualification: MSc Psychology

Academic Syllabus:

For Short Service Regular Commission:

Similar to DSSC you can also join Pak Army as Captian or Major through Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC).

Here is the list of posts on basis of qualification in the Pak Army and their academic test Syllabus.

  • GDMOs (Captain)


Academic Syllabus:

  • Specialists (Major)

  1. Anesthesiology
  2. Dermatology
  3. Gynecology
  4. General Medicine
  5. Pathology
  6. Psycharity
  7. Surgeon
  8. Pediatrics


Academic Syllabus:

  • Sub Specialists (Major)

  1. Surgeons


Academic Syllabus:

  • General Duty Dental Officers-Male (Captain). etc


Academic Syllabus:

For Lady Cadet Course:

This course is, especially for ladies. In the Pak Army ladies are given equal importance. Any lady willing to join Pak Army can join the army through Lady Cadet Course.

Through the lady cadet course, the ladies can directly join the Pak army as a captain.

Here is the list of Corps ladies who can join the Pak Army through the Lady Cadet Course.

  1. Corps Of Engineering

Qualification: BE Architect, BE GIS&RS / Geo-Informatics Engg 

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Corps Of Ordonnance

Qualification: BSc / BE Textile Engg

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Army Education Corps

Qualification: MA/MS/BS in Chemistry or History

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Judge Advocate General 

Qualification: LLB – Practicing, with 2 years of experience

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Corps Of Signal

Qualification: BE Electrical (Telecom)

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Corps Of Electrical and Mechanical Engg

Qualification: BE in Bio-Medical / BE in Electrical

Academic Syllabus:

  1. Information and Computer Technology Officer

Qualification: BS/BE in Software Engg or Cyber Security or Geo-Informatics or Geo Matics  

Academic Syllabus: