Top 7 Best Earbuds In Pakistan 2022 [With Price]

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If yes, then search no more. Here in this post, I have mentioned the 7 Best Earbuds In Pakistan you can buy right now.

From budget to premium, all kinds of earbuds are mentioned here. This post will surely help you find the perfect earbud.

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Best Earbuds In Pakistan

  1. Haylou T15
  2. Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2
  3. I11 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds
  4. Wiresto F9 TWS Wireless Earbuds
  5. Haylou GT1 PRO Bluetooth
  6. M11 TWS Bluetooth
  7. Airpods TWS i7s

1. Haylou T15

Best Earbuds In Pakistan

Let’s start the list with the powerhouse, the big battery, and earbuds which are the best earbuds in Pakistan, the Haylou T15. The Haylou T15 is a perfect choice if you are looking for earbuds that can last for 2 days, yet they provide excellent sound quality.

Haylou T15 earbuds are the best earbuds in Pakistan because of two reasons. The first one is of course the price, Haylou T15 Price In Pakistan is 4,500, and the second one is battery timing. Although there are dozens of features in Haylou T15 these two are prominent.

The earbuds are equipped with features like Bluetooth 5.0, active noise canceling, lightweight, splash protection. The design of Haylou T15 is great. They are small and just fit on your ears. Even Airpods are bigger than Haylou T15. They come with touch control so you don’t have to put stress in case of buttons. The best thing is the battery timing. The Haylou T15 has 60 hours battery life. They usually take 1.5 hours to charge fully the 2,200mAh battery and they can provide 100 hours of talk time. Can you imagine 0 hours of gaming and music with a single charge? 

There is a special thing about the Haylou T15 and it is the reverse charging. The Haylou T15 case has a 2,200 mAh battery and on the front of the case, there is a USB port that can be used to charge any emergency. 

Inside the case, you get the magnetic slots to place the Haylou T15 earbuds. Although there is no digital display the led display for battery level is ok. The smart touch on earbuds is another feature that makes the Haylou T15 the best earbuds in Pakistan. With a smart touch, you can perform the following actions

  • Answer the call (Double tap)
  • Ignore call (Touch for 1s)
  • Playback / Pause (Tap)
  • Skip Track Forward / Backward (Double Tap Left / Right) 
  • Activate Voice Assistant (Triple Tap Left Earbud)
  • Enable / Disable Gaming Mode (Triple Tap Righ Earbud)

The Haylou T15 are so lightweight, they weigh 3.7 grams. Just place the earbuds in your ear and you will not even notice the earbuds are there. Not only they are lightweight and small but also stable. This makes the Haylou T15 comfortable for whole day use.

The earbuds have active noise canceling this means while listening to music or playing games you will be isolated from the environment. They are also IPX5 waterproof actually not waterproof but splash-proof. The IPX5 means the Haylou T15 earbuds are splash resistant like sweating and dust will not affect the performance. This makes them suitable to use in workouts and outdoors. 

Now, what about the gaming performance of Haylou T15. Actually, Haylou has especially gaming earbuds Haylou GT1 Pro. This model the Haylou T15 is not specifically designed for gaming but these are allrounder earbuds. Although these are not designed to be used for gaming earbuds, the gaming performance is great. The Haylou T15 has a dedicated gaming mode which can be activated by a Triple tap on the right earbud. The earbuds minimize the latency to provide you optimum gaming experience.

Although there are hundreds of earbuds on market like the Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and many more I wanted to make sure to include earbuds in this which are the best value for money. The Haylou T15 is the best budget earbuds in Pakistan. The 60 hours battery timing, great sound quality, and affordable price are the reasons why I have chosen the Haylou T15 at the top of this list.

2. Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2

The Redmi AirDots 2 might be your 2nd priority if you are looking for earbuds in Pakistan. The price and spec the dots 2 comes makes them one of the best earbuds in Pakistan.

If you are on a low budget and don’t want to spend 4,500 on the Haylou T15 then you must go for the Redmi AirDots 2. There is no other option. The Redmi AirDots 2 Price In Pakistan is 2,750 with free shipping and cash on delivery. You can order from the Xioami store here. 

The Redmi AirDots 2 are not a beast when it comes to specs The dots have specs you will find on any earbuds in this price segment. But in Pakistan Chinese copies of Apple Airpods are abundant. I have also included them in this list but the earbuds from a brand is another story. If you have a budget then go for the branded earbuds not copies. Although copies might be great, you might have trust issues.

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The Redmi AirDots 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which can provide connectivity up to 10 meters, the battery timing is also great.  The dots can last for 12 hours, the charging time of air dots is 1.5 hours, and the charging box charging time is 2 hours. Xiaomi has given a micro USB port to charge which is a disappointment.  

The Redmi AirDots 2 size is small. Single Airdot only wights 4.1 grams, which is light but Haylou T15 is even lightweight. I am not a big fan of Redmi AirDots 2 when it comes to design. It is my personal preference and I think a little bit of desing improvement would make them beautiful and modern looking. But still at this price what more you can expect.

There is one thing that most of you will like and most will don’t, it is the buttons. Yes, the Redmi AirDots 2 has a button to control music, etc instead of touch. I personally like the touchpads but the buttons are also great. Here are the actions you can perform with the. Redmi AirDots 2.

  • Answer/ Reject phone calls (Press button to answer an incoming call press it again to end)
  • Reject a call (Hold the button for 1s to reject an incoming call)
  • Play/ Pause music (In standby mode, tap the multifunction button to play or pause when playing music)
  • Voice control (Simply double-tap the multifunction button in standby mode to active Siri or Google voice assistant)
  • Game mode (Triple-click the function key to start the low-latency “Game Mode”)

The Redmi AirDots 2 are IPX4 splash resistant. This means water splash and seating is okay, but don’t submerge the dots in water nor the case, or else you will lose the dots. The dots don’t have active noise canceling which is disappointing but the dots have DSP technology which reduces the environmental noise to some extent.

The Redmi Airdots are too good I have also included them in Best headphones in Pakistan.

The Redmi AirDots 2 might be a great option, in fact, it the only option if you want o buy a good pair of earbuds for under 3,000 in Pakistan. For this price the dots are perfect. The 12 Hours battery timing, budget-friendly price, and good sound quality are the key features. 

3. i11 TWS Airpods Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Now, this product is especially for Apple fans at a low budget. The best replica of the Apple Airpods you can buy for under 1,500 in Pakistan is the i11 Airpods.

Although i11 Airpods are not the best earbuds you can buy in Pakistan at this price but they are the best replica at a low budget. If you have not used Airpods then surely i11 Airpods will deceive you, from case to desing these AirPods are next level. Everything is like Airpods. It seems like the company dedicated itself to make the best replica of Airpods.

The i11 Airpods might be a good option for those who just want the earbuds to look good, ignoring the sound quality and features. The build quality is poor although the design is similar to Airpods. The sound quality is not great but for this price it is mediocre. The battery timing is also average. The i11 Airpods can run for 2 hours, it usually takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the earbuds.

As it is a copy of the original Airpods so I was unable to get in-depth specifications of this model. The best thing I like about the i11 Airpods is the touch controls. There are basic touch controls like accept/reject calls, forward/backward songs, etc. Unfortunately no game mode or assistant. 

Although i11 Airpods is a great replica of original Airpods, the quality is average. The battery timing for the price of 1,500 is okay. There is only one this that is most important if you are buying an earbud is the sound quality. The i11 Airpods don’t perform well in this. The quality is average but as they are replica so you are paying for the design, not quality.  

4. Wiresto F9 TWS Wireless Earbuds

Next comes the most popular earbuds on, the Wiresto F9 Earbuds. On daraz currently, has over 1738 reviews and people are just falling for them. Here I will share whether are they any good, or a piece of crap.

First of all, Wiresto is not a brand, but a seller. The seller is Chinese so you can expect a little bit of low quality and also a low price. The best thing I like about the Wiresto F9 is the price and specs. Wiresto F9 Earbuds Price In Pakistan is 2,100 on For this it they are a good option. As they are Chinese so think before buying. The Redmi Airdots 2 are a little bit expensive but are branded. Also, the Wiresto F9 leaves behind the Airdots 2 in specs.

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One of the most important factors in earbuds is battery timing. The Wiresto F9 has a 2,000mAh battery, which means you can charge earbuds multiple times at once. The battery timing of earbuds is 8 hours and for this price it is great. The 2000mAh battery case also has a USB port from which you can charge your smartphone in case of an emergency. This is the same feature we saw on the Haylou T15.

There is also one more feature you will like the most. It is a digital power display. Which tells how much your earbuds are charged. The magnetic connection is another feature in the Wiresto F9 which makes them one of the best earbuds in Pakistan.

You might be thinking the Wiresto F9 earbuds would come in buttons instead of touch, but they are not. The touch control is another feature you will like about these earbuds. The Wiresto F9 herbs provide the following features with touch control

  • Play/ Pause (Touch left earphone once)
  • Answer/ Disconnect (Touch left earphone once)
  • Activate Voice Assistant (Long press left earphone for 1 second)
  • Switch Music (Tap left earphone twice )
  • Turn On/ Turn Off (Long press 5 seconds)

The sound quality of Wiresto F9 earbuds is actually quite good. I was not expecting them to perform that good but they did. For gamers, these earbuds might be a good option. Now I came to know why the Wiresto F9 herbs are best sellers on

The Wiresto F9 is really good earbuds for their price. The features of Wiresto F9 are similar to Haylou T15 but the price is quite low. The 8 hours battery timing is quite good, also the 2,000 mAh battery pack is one of the most important aspects of Wiresto F9. Although these are Chinese the build quality and sound quality is great. If you have a budget then go for them. Surely you will love them.   

5. Haylou GT1 PRO Bluetooth

Now, these are special earbuds for gamers. The Haylou GT1 PRO the perfect gaming earbuds you can buy in Pakistan. Although the earbuds I have mentioned above can be used for gaming, Haylou GT1 PRO is specifically designed for gaming.

Haylou GT1 PRO earbuds and Xioami Redmi Airdots compete. Most of the features like build quality, sound quality, and battery timing are similar on both earbuds Haylou GT1 PRO excels in gaming. The Haylou GT1 PRO Price In Pakistan is 3,499. For this, these are the best earbuds you can buy in Pakistan.

These models from Haylou are the lower version of the Haylou T15, the price is low, the design is sim[ple but the features are exactly the same. There is one more downgrade from the Haylou T15 and it is the battery. The charging case has an 800mAh battery and with one single charge, the earbuds can last for 4-5 hours. This not the best we have seen from Haylou but okay. 

The case desing of the Haylou GT1 PRO is similar to Haylou T15. While Haylou has made the GT1 PRO much simpler, like the Airdots 2. The best thing Haylou has mentioned in this model that make it superior to Airdots 2 is the touch control. Airdots have buttons while Haylou GT1 PRO earbuds are sensitive to touch. You can use touch control in the following ways.

  • Play/ Pause (Touch once)
  • Answer/ Disconnect (Touch twice )
  • Skip Track Backwards (Double touch left earbud)
  • Ignore Incoming Call (Triple touch)
  • Enable voice assistant (Double touch)
  • Game mode On/ Off (Touch right ear three times)

The best thing I like about the Haylou GT1 PRO earbuds is the low latency gaming mode. This mode is the best at this. With gaming, mode enabled the earbuds to low the latency to 65ms. For reference, most earbuds have a latency of 300ms. This is why sometimes you feel lags in sound while gaming. But there is no issue like this in Haylou GT1 PRO.

The earbuds also come with IPX5 splash resistance. This means they are sweat, and rainproof. But don’t submerge them in water. They can only resist a splash of water.

Currently Haylou GT1 PRO is on sale for 3,499, for this they are the best and only option. After-sale the price would go up to 4,000 and in my point of view, they are a little bit expensive for 4,000. You can get Haylou T15 for just 4,500 and for this price, they are the best, even better than Haylou GT1 PRO. 

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6. M11 TWS Bluetooth

Let’s continue our list of the best earbuds in Pakistan. Nxt up is the M11 Earbuds, although they are Chinees, the quality is great and especially the price.

The M11 Earbuds are specially for those who don’t want to spend much but still want to experience great-sounding earbuds. Before taking you any further I want to make clear that there are a variety of sellers on Daraz selling M11 Earbuds at different prices. The price range from 2,000 all the way to 5,000. If you are willing to buy M11 Earbuds buy from the link I have provided you here. It is the best deal you can get right now. The M11 Earbuds price in Pakistan is 2,100. For this, they are not perfect but negotiable.

The best thing I like about the M11 Earbuds is the design, both the case and earbuds are designed well. The case cover is made of dark see-through plastic. They have the same LED power display as on the Wiresto F9,  the see-through plastic makes it easy to see the battery perfect of earbuds. Which is a smart choice from the makers.

The M11 Earbuds are from Chinese manufacturers so I would not trust what they would say on the box. They say the earbuds are IPX7 rated but don’t ever rely on that number, never ever submerge the earbuds in the water. The battery timing is 4-5 hours which for this price is great. The case has a 220mAh battery which is not huge but you can charge earbuds 2-3 times. 

The only thing I like about the Chinese earbuds is touch control. Almost all the Chinese earbuds I have mentioned in this post have touch control instead of buttons. The M11 Earbuds also come with touch control.  With M11 Earbuds can perform following with touch

  • Answer the call(Tap Once)
  • Reject the call (Long press)
  • Skip track backward (Double touch on the left earbud)
  • Skip track forward (Double touch on the right earbud)
  • Enable assistant (Triple-click)

Now, what about sound quality? Actually, it is not that bad. The price of M11 Earbuds is close to Wiresto F9 and you can expect both to perform exactly the same in many applications. But the M11 Earbuds are not suitable for low frequencies. If you like bass boosted music than the M11 Earbuds will not perform well. The gaming performance is mediocre.

7. Airpods TWS i7s

So we have made it to the end. And these earbuds are really special for those who are really on a tight budget and just want to experience earbuds. The i7s Airpods might be an option for those Pakistanis on a low budget.

The best thing I like about the i7s Airpods, I mean it is the only reason why I have included them in here. Although the price is very low, the quality is average. The build quality and sound quality is good for its price. The i7s Airpods price in Pakistan is 600 and for this you can get the only option. There are no fancy things like touch controls in these earbuds. You get a single button on both earbuds which can be used to Power on/off, answer the call, real last number, hang up, play our pause music. 

Although the seller is Chinese and mentions noise-canceling microphones and speakers they don’t do much. The charging time is around 2 hours and has 3 hours of maximum talk time. There is not much information on daraz about i7s Airpods, but on Aliexpress the seller mentioned all. Make sure to check it out before buying. 

The paring of i7s Airpods with your devices is super easy, just take them out, press the button and they will pair. The case has an on/off switch, which is used to charge or stop the earbuds charging. I could not find any IPX rating on i7s Airpods so just assume they are not splash-proof. Just keep them away from water.

Ther i7s Airpods comes at a very low price, can you imagine earbuds at 600. They look like the seller tried to copy the Apple Airpods but didn’t succeed, but still, the quality of sound and build is better. For the earbuds at this low price you cant expect more. They are the best choice for this budget. Although they lack low and high frequencies, this means the bass and crispiness in sound will be affected. But again they only cost 600.


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