Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan 2022

Are you suffering from a bad internet connection?

Do you want to get the best internet connection in Pakistan with blazing speed?

Here I have mentioned the Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan. These ISPs provide high-speed internet at very low prices. Get one of these and your internet problems will be gone for good.

Let’s dive right in

Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan 2022

  1. Stormfiber
  2. Nayatel
  3. PTCL
  4. Optix
  5. Fibre link 
  6. Jazz

1. Stormfiber – Best Internet Device In Pakistan

stomfiber internet

The Stormfiber is the Best Internet In Pakistan. Strom fiber internet package starting from 10 MBps all the way o 100 Mbps. Their entire internet network is on optical fiber. With this, you get the best internet speed possible.

Not only this they are also quite inexpensive compared to PTCL which is still providing cable connections. Stormfibre’s internet packages can be confusing as they have dozens of sub-packages and offers inside their primary packages. So make be careful before choosing any internet package.

Stormfibre provides its services on optical fiber, which makes it the best wifi in Pakistan. It is also the reason why their installation charges are high. Not particularly of Stormfibre’s but also any other company which deals in fiber. The installation charges of fiber connection can be high as 11,000 rupees.

Stormfibre and Nayatel are necks to neck in terms of quality and price. Both are the best isp in Pakistan and it all comes to availability. Stormfibre is available in Karachi, Gurajanawala, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Multan, Quetta, and Sialkot. While Nayatel’s connection has availability in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar.

The second reason why Stormfibre was given the first position is availability and coverage. They expand their services rapidly but Nayatel doesn’t. 

I live in Rawalpindi and within 100 meters there is nayatel’s internet connection but they are not providing the connection to me. It has been 1.5 years since I signed up for the connection but still, it is unavailable. From this, you can get an idea of how slow they expand. Even when I ordered a fiber link connection, they had to wire the entire street for one connection. 

The customer care of Stormfibre is not excellent but great. In case of any issue, it can take 2-3 days to solve the issue. At least they are better than PTCL, where visits can take up weeks.

If you want Stormfibre’s internet connection then visit their official website and sign up. Make sure to check the connection availability before applying. 

Stormfiber Coverage Areas

Karachi LahoreQuettaGujranwala Faisalabad

2. Nayatel

Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan

Naytel is the 2nd best Internet service provider in Pakistan. Although they are neck to neck with Stormfibre, their network expansion is extremely slow. If you have Naya tel in your area then this is the one you should choose even over the Stormfibre.

The best thing I like about Nayatel is its quality. They focus on quality and this means a lot to them. While Islamabad has nayatel and in every area where they provide their services, they get loyal customers. 

Nayatel provides internet on fiber and with this you get stable and the best internet speed possible both for downloading and uploading. They used to provide only limited bundles and still, they are providing where you get limited usage in working days and unlimited data for weekends. Now they have stepped up the game with their unlimited internet packages from 10 to 20 Mbps. The price is very moderate compared to competitors like PTCL, Storm fiber, and fiber link but it all comes down to the quality of service. 

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For reference, Nayatel’s starter unlimited package of 10Mbps is 2,000 rupees on optical fiber with 10Mbps downloading and uploading speed while PTCL’s 8 Mbps package is 2,249 rupees on copper cable with 8 Mbps downloading and 2 Mbps uploading. 

There are two more services except than internet Nayatel provides. Which are cable TV, and telephone. If you want to use these features then you can get benefit from their quality service.

For some of you unlimited packages can be out of budget for that they have limited packages from 125 GB to 150 GB with ranging speeds of 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps. With limited packages, you get unlimited downloads from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday and on weekends. The date limit is applied for the remaining time. You can also unlimited bundle as an addon on your limited package at 500 rupees per month with an additional speed of 30 Mpbs.  

If you want to have Naytel’s internet connection then you need to save up to 16,000 rupees for installation charges. This includes your 1st month package fees(3,000), router(11,000), and cable charges(3,000).

Nayatel Packages Rawalpindi/ Islamabad

Package Price Per Month (Exclusive of Tax)Limited/ UnlimitedData Limit
10 Mbps1,999Unlimited
15 Mbps2,399Unlimited
20 Mbps2,7999Unlimited
10 Mbps1,549Limited125 GB
15 Mbps1,859Limited150 GB
18 Mbps2,069Limited150 GB
20 Mbps2,479Limited150 GB


Here comes Pakistan’s No.1 telecommunication and Internat company (Joking). It is not the No.1 but the biggest telecom company in Pakistan but still the average internet service provider in Pakistan if not the best.

Internet availability is an issue in Pakistan as there is a small number of companies proving in multiple cities and provinces in Pakistan. But PTCL has a whole grip on Pakistan. Their service works from Kashmir to Kashmore, and they have tried a lot in fact they are the first ones to make Pakistan a global village. We Pakistanis tank you for this.

Now enough bragging. The only and the most important thing where PTCL suffers is quality. Not only on the internet but on all services they provide including smart TV and landing, the quality is extremely poor. 

What is popular about Chinese products? “If they work they will work for years and if they don’t they will not work for a single day.” The same saying goes for PTCL. The internet will work perfectly fine, you will get the exact speed you pay for. But whenever for any reason it stops working then the connection is gone for good. 

I have been using PTCL internet for the past 6 years and in these 6 years, I installed 3 connections. The first connection worked fine for 3 years but when the speed started to suffer I had to let it go. Same case for the next two. I am still using PTCL’s internet because I have no other option. 

If you are a frequent downloader then PTCL is a great option but if you upload videos to Youtube or stream then PTCL is the worst internet you can have. In 90% of areas, they have a DSL connection where downloading speed is limited to 8 Mbps and uploading speed to 2 Mbps. The next 8% is taken by VDSL where downloading speed is limited to 20 Mbps and uploading speed to half of your download speed. Only 2% is where PTCL’s fiber internet operates. You can check PTCL’s fiber coverage here. If you want to test your PTCL Internet Speed then use this tool to perform PTCL Internet Speed Test.

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PTCL’s installation process is simple you just need to call 1218 and share your details. Within 1-2 days, you will get an internet connection. Installation charges are 5,000 rupees of DSL and VDSL connection and 15,000 for GPON fiber. 

As the VDSL connection is far better than the DSL connection so I would recommend you to order VDSL and specifically mention “I want to use a VDSL connection”. You will not be charged extra rupees and hope VDSL is available in your area.

PTCL Packages 2020

PackagePrice Per Month (Exclusive of Tax)Limited/ Unlimited
6 Mbps1,799Unlimited
8 Mbps2,249Unlimited
15 Mbps2,749Unlimited
25 Mbps3,299Unlimited
50 Mbps5,099Unlimited
100 Mbps7,599Unlimited

4. Optix

Next on the list of best internet service providers in Pakistan is Optix. They provide fiber to a home internet connection with absolutely amazing speed. Optix is the best internet service in lahore. With blazing high speed and great customer service, if you are a resident of Lahore you should go for Optix.

All of the internet providers I have mentioned in this article provide blazing high speed, price is almost the same for any particular package and it all comes down to customer care. Stormfibre is good customer care, Nayatel has excellent customer service and Optix also has excellent customer service.

Availability is another issue with internet service providers in Pakistan. If I talk about Optix then their internet connection is available in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi but in the selected area. 

I was unable to find a large number of reviews of Optix but anyone who has reviewed Optix says the customer service of Optix is the best. Some even say the connection and customer support are better than Stormfiber. 

You want to get an Optix fiber connection then you have to pay 10,000 installation charges. You also have to order Wi-Fi Roter which costs around 4,500 rupees and it is of good quality. Their packages start from 2 Mbps all the way to 100 Mbps. You get the same downloading and uploading speed which is great. 

If you live in an area where Optix provides an internet facility then this is the one you must choose. Their packages are moderate and customer care is absolutely amazing. In case of any issue just call on the helpline and within a few hours, your issue will be resolved.

Optix Internet Packages

PackagePrice Per Month (Exclusive of Tax)Limited/ Unlimited
2 Mbps1,350Unlimited
4 Mbps1,499Unlimited
10 Mbps1,999Unlimited
15 Mbps2,199Unlimited
20 Mbps2,599Unlimited
30 Mbps3,499Unlimited
50 Mbps5,799Unlimited
75 Mbps7,999Unlimited
100 Mbps11,999Unlimited

5. Fibre link 

Here comes Pakistan’s fastest internet service provider. Yes, fiber link provides the fastest internet in Pakistan. They provide 1 Gbps speed in Pakistan.

The best thing I like about Fibrelink is the speed. They offer high-speed internet packages at very low prices. Their price is even lower than PTCL (copper) connection. They are available in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad.

Fibre link internet packages start from 16 Mbps to 500 Mbps and at the night from 2:30 AM to 9:00 AM the speeds get double. This is a premium feature that makes the Fibre link stand out from the competition.

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Those were are pros of the Fibre link internet connection now let’s talk about the cons. I have tried Fibre link as it was so frustrated from PTCL’s low speed and it was the only other fiber connection available in my area. When you order the package and pay the installation charges you might think with 1-2 weeks you will get the connection but this is not the case with the Fibre link.

I had to wait for 3 months, after dozens of calls and visits I was able to get the Fibre link internet connection.

The best thing I liked about them was they provided the connection to me where they had to install approximately 500-meter fiber wire for a single connection.

For the first 4 months, the internet worked perfectly. I was getting speeds claimed by the Fibre link. Note that you have to buy your own Router. The Fibre link does not provide you the router. They only provide a modem. After 4 months the internet started to suffer, and I mean a lot. I was using a 16 Mbps package and I was getting 3-4 Mbps speed.

Now I was calling customer support and complaining about the internet. But Fibre link customer support is the worst in Pakistan even worse than PTCL’s. After 2 weeks I got a visit and they solved the issue but after 1-month the same internet issue rose again. This whole loop started again and repeated itself several times. After so much frustration I removed the connection. From this, you can get an idea of how bad is their customer support.

There are hundreds of reviews on google with the same problem, and if you want t use Fibre link internet services then you have to deal with it.

The installation process is simple. Just sign up through their official website, pay the installation charges and you are good to go. They also have yearly plans which reduce the yearly bill a lot.  Make sure to check Fibre link internet packages before ordering.  

6. Jazz

We have talked about wired internet connections but what about wireless. Now let’s talk about the wireless internet. The best wireless internet in Pakistan is the Jazz 4G.

You might be thinking why not Zong. Zong used to be better but now the speeds are very low. It feels like you are using PTCL internet not the Zong 4g. Jazz is still proving the fastest wireless internet throughout Pakistan. Their coverage is not vast compared to Zong but where Jazz provides its 4G services you will get high internet speed with good signals.

The price is Jazz and Zong is almost the same. I have been using Zong 4g for the past 3 years and 2 years ago it used to be the best. But now they are away behind Jazz. Jazz 4G internet speed is around 30-40 Mbps at its peak depending upon your area. If you want to use Jazz 4g in hilly areas then it might not be a better option. I have tried Jazz in Murree but there was no Jazz 4G. But zong 4G is available in Muree. If you want to use it in cities then Jazz is the best choice you can make.

Jazz offers diffrent 4G devices basically three a wingle,  super 4 G wifi, and a home Wi-Fi divide. You can check more detail here. The con of the wireless internet is the usage limit. And this makes Jazz one of the most expensive internet provides in Pakistan. If you just want to use the internet on your smartphone or on your laptop then you don’t need to buy 4G devices just use the Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone. I have tried it many times and it worked fine. Just use the Weekly 25 GB package which costs around 300 rupees and it will easily make it through.

Jazz also has an app on the Play Store which provides all information about your account and the packages you are using.   

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

PackagePrice Per Week(Inclusive of Tax)Limited/ UnlimitedData Limit
Super-Duper210Limited-5 GB DATA
-3000 Jazz Mins
-150 Other Network Minutes
-3000 SMS
Super-Duper Plus970Limited-3 GB DATA
-1500 Jazz Mins
-60 Other Network Minutes
-1500 SMS
Super Plus240Limited-12 GB DATA
(6 GB 2AM – 2PM)
-5000 Jazz Mins
-60 Other Network Minutes
-5000 SMS
Extreme60 Limited25 GB (From 12 AM – 9 AM)
Mega179Limited7 GB 
Mega Plus24Limited24 GB 

Jazz 4G Device Packages

PackagePrice Per MonthLimited/ UnlimitedData Limit
REGULAR1,500Limited-60 GB
-30 GB useable
1am – 1pm
MEGA2,000Limited-100 GB
-50 GB useable
1am – 1pm
HEAVY2,500Limited-150 GB
-75 GB useable
1am – 1pm


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