Pak Navy Intelligence Test: Online Test Preparation 2021

Pak Navy Intelligence Test

Do you want to qualify for the Pak Navy Intelligence Test?

If yes then you must go through this intelligence test. I have created this online test considering the difficulty level of the Pak Navy intelligence test.

Whether it is the initial test f

or PN cadet or technical course, this Pak Navy Intelligence Test is designed for all. 

The more you practice, the better you get. The questions mentioned in this intelligence quiz are all about providing you the idea and difficulty level of examination. 

Good Luck with your Pak Navy Intelligence Test.  

Pak Navy Intelligence Test

1. Fly is to Aeroplane as Sail is to—?


2. Which Word is Out of List?


3. What will come Next ? 16   12   28   8   4 ___?


4. Meat is to Vegetarian as___ is to Teeotaller?


5. A is Father of B but B is not A’s Son then What is Relationship Between B and A?


6. Spot Out the Stranger in the Following?


7. What Will Come Next in Following Series?   20   25   23   28   26   31   29 3  4   __?


8. Free is to Imprison as Forgive is to—?


9. Finger is to Elbow as Toe is to —-?


10. Book is to Title as Man is to —–?


11.  If STEP is coded as 3165 then PETS is Coded as —-?


12. Insert Correct Number ?        49        48         45        40        33         24      __?


13. Saw is to Seed as Reap is to—-?


14. Write the Correct Answer ?        64          32        16         8         4        2       __?


15. What will come next in the following Series  ?        2        90     4     80      6       70     8    60    __    ?    __


16. Ring is the Finger as Watch is to—-?


17. Kamal is Older than Jamal, Jamal is Older then Hussain, Hussain is Older then Waqar  Who is the Oldest ?


18.  Bulb is to Current as Lamp is to—?


19.  If 1800 O’ Clock is to 6 O’ Clock then   1400 O ‘ Clock is To —–?


20. Hot is To Burn and Cold is To—–?


21. What Will Come Next in the Following Series ?    2     9       14    21      26        __?


22. Saw is to Cut as Iron is to —–?


23. If Sheep is to Wool as Cat is To —–?


24. Which One is Different from the list?


25. Which One of the Following is Different from the Rest?


26. What will come Next ?       19       9        29        8      39        __?


27.  If Brush is to Painting as Pencil is to —–?


28. Which One is the Different from Following?


29. One Third of One Half is ———?


30. What Will Come Next in the Following Series ?       8       8       16         9         9         18        10          10        __?


31. Which One is Different from Other in list?


32. A is to E as C is to ——?


33.  If Box is to 3 then Boxer is to —–?


34. What Letter Comes Alphabetically in order in the letter Mother?


35. If ACNPNPJL means Book, What does GINPQSRTDF mean?


36. If A is Smaller than B , But Taller then C and D, Who is the Tallest of the three?


37. Which one is Different from the Following List?


38. A Railway Station always has —-?


39. What Comes Next in the Series ?          9     24    39     54     69     84     99     __?


40. Which One is the Different from the List?


41. Car have Mirrors Because —–?


42. MAN is to RUN as BIRD is to ——-?


43.  If  A=2 ,   B= 4 ,    C= 6   and So on then what word following number stand for  ?          8        10        10       32


44. Mountain is to high then the train is to ——–?


45. If Crate is Excrete the Cute is to ——–?


46. Pakistan is to Asia as UK is to ———?


47. What letter comes alphabetically in the Word Fluctuation?


48. Driver is To Car as _________  is to Aeroplane.


49. If FACE Coded as 6135 then ACE is coded as ——–?


50. What Number Comes Next in the Following Series ?       63     3        44      0       91        __?


Question 1 of 50

Pak Navy Test Pattern:

The Pak Navy Test Pattern is fairly simple and easy to understand. Whether you are appearing in the initial test of PN cadet or for a technical course or after graduation, an intelligence test is a must.

Before appearing in the computerized test make sure to read out the guidelines and do the homework. Most of the students fail to pass the intelligence test as they think they are smart and don’t prepare for the test.

Don’t ever make this foolish mistake. The test designed above is the replica of the test you will be giving inside the PAK Navy selection center. This intelligence test will provide you an overview of the test. Just by solving these 50 MCQs, you will be able to solve any intelligence test easily.

If you feel these 50 MCQs are not enough then also try out Pak Army Intelligence Test MCQs

Pak Navy Intelligence Test Pattern:

The Pak Navy Intelligence Test is devided in two parts

  • Verbal Intellignce Test
  • Non Verbal Intellignce Test

Here is the quick description of intelignce test of Pak Navy.

Verbal Intelligence Test:

An example of a Verbal Intelligence test is given above. These include problems related to the following

Verbal Intelligence Test:
  • Age problems questions
  • Commonsense questions
  • Blood relation questions
  • Basic Mathematical questions
  • Word Formation
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Analogies
  • Complete the series
  • Coding-decoding questions
  • Situation reaction questions etc.

The test above is the perfect example of a verbal intelligence test. It includes all the parts of the verbal test in it. Make sure to check it out. 

Non Verbal Intelligence Test:

The Non-Verbal Intelligence Test is all about the images. Here the most common question is “what comes next in the following series”. For this, you just simply need to find the pattern of previous images and answer the question.

These questions are super easy to solve. In fact, the non-verbal intelligence test is the easiest test in the whole Pak Navy Selection tests.

Non Verbal Intelligence Test:

Just practice 10-20 questions before appearing in the test and you will get the idea.

Here is what the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test comprises of.

  • Series completion
  • Missing pattern
  • Classifications
  • Analogies etc.

Pak Navy Academic Test Pattern:

When you appear in the initial test there are few things you must know. The first one is you will not be taking a single test but two.

The initial test for PN cadet or for Navy courses after graduation the test is divided into two parts. In order to qualify for the interview or further preceding, you have to quality both of them. Both of these tests will follow each other. As soon as you finish one test you have to start the second one.

These two tests are following

  1. Intelligence Test
  2. Academic Test

Pakistan navy intelligence test is taken first. You are provided around 60 MCQs with the time limit of around 30 minutes. You don’t have to answer every single question, just make sure to answer as many as you can.

The test is a combination of difficult and easy questions. Just keep on skipping heard questions and solve the easy one first. This is the best strategy to qualify for the Pak Navy Intelligence test.

After the timer has run out, the computer will show the result. Whether you have passed or failed. If passed can sit there and go for the academics test.

For the academic test, you are provided around 80 MCQs with a time limit of 45 Minutes. Try to follow the same strategy mentioned for the intelligence tests.

Here is what the Pak Navy Academic Test comprises of

  • Mathematics 
  • Islamic Studies (Prophets, History, etc)
  • General Knowledge (Capitals, Organizations, Pak Studies, etc)
  • Egnlish (Parts of Speech, Punctuation, etc)
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